What is SELAC ?

South East Los Angeles County Educational Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. SELAC ’s sole purpose is to enhance the educational experiences of children. As most know, a child’s education can often times be limited by their socioeconomic surroundings. SELAC is here to provide these children with opportunities and experiences that will lead to limitless education, hope, goals, and dreams. In order to do this, SELAC endlessly pursues grants and donations to fund mini-grants and maxi-grants that allow teachers to fund projects that provide unique learning opportunities for children, as well as funding scholarships for high school seniors in furtherance of their educational goals. Furthermore, the Board of Directors receive no compensation. This ensures that all donations are fully utilized in funding grant request for schools in South East Los Angeles County.

What does SELAC Provide?

SELAC provides an equal chance to chldren that are not offered the same economic chances as others. The following are examples of some of the SELAC projects and contributions.


DC KIDS is an extremely important educational experience for children who may not have otherwise had resources to take a trip to New York and Washington DC. Last year, SELAC help fund this trip for 30 eighth grade students. This trip brought to life the history of our country.

The opportunity to take this trip brings our government and its history to the palms of our young adolescents’ hands. DC KIDS is vital to sparking the realistic dream of becoming a part of American history.

Battle of the Books

SELAC also provided funds for the Battle of the Books, which is a competition that required teams of students from two neighboring school districts to read 30 books. The City of Santa Fe Springs then held a contest that tested each teams’ ability to recall facts. Each team had to determine which book the facts came from and which author wrote the book. This competition helps prove to students that reading can be fun and challenging. The opportunity to compete in this fashion broadens the horizons of these scholastic athletes.

Food for Families

The Food for Families program provided two complete meals to over 150 families during the holiday season. SELAC believes in meeting the needs of children and their families. This program allowed families of children residing in the Los Nietos School District to enjoy the holidays and know that the community cares. Many came out to volunteer, including children. This allowed these children to see the importance of community service and experience the positive feeling of helping others in need.

SELAC takes pride in providing funds, opportunities and priceless experiences to our children who are the future of our country. Grants and scholarships open doors that were once closed to our children. There are opportunities to take part in activities that expand horizons, remove boundaries, and open up minds. Experiences gained by the children that SELAC comes in contact with are immeasurably essential to give them a fighting chance in this competitive world. The education gained is worth more than anyone can imagine.

Please join us in our mission to provide the best for our children. SELAC is here to level the playing field and give our children an equal opportunity to a quality education.